DigitalCoreHQ, LLC web design and web hosting is a low affordable service. Able to compete with other hosts and designers, our objective is to help you save money.

We offer a low and competitive service to our clients, helping you discover the potential of your website, notifying you of any new additions we may offer. Giving discounts on new items introduced. As well has helping to promote your website on our client’s page.

 With Cpanel and the help of CronJobs you as a client have the ability to setup file backups for any sort of scenario from “Oops! I deleted my files”  all the way to “What just happened? Why isn’t this working like before?”

Our clients have found satisfaction with the service DCHQ offers. With our low cost building and maintenance, our services makes it easy for your website to be maintained.


We strive to provide our clients with the best support time possible.

We offer some of the lowest service cost found across the nation in our efforts to save you money.



What makes us different is the fact that we offer ONLY unlimited options on our hosting and web design service. Don’t let a someone limit what you can do.